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The Importance of Cleaning and Upkeeping Your Yacht

Keeping a yacht or boat clean might not be the most obvious concern for those who own a boat, but it’s a very important part of ownership of any watercraft. Regular cleaning helps prevent rust and decay of surfaces and components. This type of decay can be especially serious when you regularly place your vessel into bodies of salt water, which can accelerate the deterioration of a boat without proper care.

Regular cleaning helps preserve your investment to keep it beautiful and in good condition for as long as possible. Ongoing maintenance also ensures that the use of the boat or yacht does not negatively impact the environment. When preparing a yacht for sale, perform detailed cleaning to make it shine. Used yachts that receive regular cleaning and maintenance should have a long and useful life in the water.

Boats and yachts have many different surfaces and components that need cleaning aside from the hull. Take the time to clean carpeted areas, upholstery, windows, canvas, and metal and wooden components regularly. Ignoring these components may lead to decay and damage over time. Always use cleaning products designed for the specific material to avoid damaging them. If you have concerns or questions about cleaning a specific component of your boat, consult the manufacturer for product recommendations.

The exterior surface of a boat will need regular waxing to maintain it. The exterior surface material will vary for different boats and yachts. Consult the manufacturer for specific cleaning and waxing product recommendations for optimal maintenance. With ongoing care, you can address problem areas as they arise and keep the boat in good working order. This should prevent significant damage from occurring.

The exterior of a boat can accumulate significant scum and soiling. Perform regular cleaning after each use to minimize the build-up of soiling. If you perform this cleaning immediately after leaving the water, observe posted signs about where you should wash your boat. These areas are designed to prevent run-off from reaching the water. The products that are choosen for cleaning are also an important consideration. For best results and the least harm to the environment, products that do not contain phosphates or harsh chemicals should be used.

Boat and yacht engines require regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently. This maintenance involves both cleaning and replacement of worn parts. Failing to keep a boat engine clean could lead to contaminants entering the water, which would likely harm the environment, and while you’re cleaning the components, this is a good opportunity to inspect them for any damage or signs of wear. Before storing a boat for the winter, always perform specific engine maintenance and cleaning to ensure that the boat is ready for long-term storage.

Above all, keeping your boat well taken care of, preserve your investment and help maintain the value of the entire vessel, while also leaving it ready for you to enjoy it any time you want.

Cleaning and maintaining your boat can be a time consuming and dauting task. If your time is more important for you, leave the maintenance for the pros! Contact Garnet Yacht Services today and we will present you with a detailed estimate so you can pick the services you want performed, sit back and relax while we do the hard work for you!

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