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The Top Super Yacht Technology Trends of the Future

Using a simplistic approach, we can say that Super Yachts are the closest thing to a mansion floating over water, and with all the intricacies of such a massive structure, comes the need of technology to not only aid on the operation of the whole thing, but also to help provide a lot more enjoyment for the owners and their guests. The superyacht industry is all about gadgets, technology and impressing people, so below we present you with the top five Super Yacht Technology Trends of the Future:

4K Ultra HD video

Not long ago, the best you could do on a yacht if you wanted to have a TV set, you’d have to stick to component video and a maximum of 1080p HD resolution, which was not a bad thing, but with the advent of 4K television, 1080p HD feels like a thing of the past. Introducing now is “Galactic Super Nova”, which is one of the first projects that can have your whole system operating in 4K Ultra HD.

4K Ultra HD is now a reality for superyacht owners.

Discreet Technology

It’s not enough to simply have the best technology on board, it has to be integrated in a seamless and discreet way. Technology can’t be intrusive, specially when you take in consideration the naturally limited space that any boat will have, when compared to any structure in land.

If you don’t have room for a TV set hanging on a wall, full HD laser projectors might be the solution you were looking for. It can be integrated into bespoke furniture for a seamless look into your entertainment area of your super-boat.

TVs are not the only thing that can be integrated in such way. Invisible sound speakers equipped with QR code technology can be scanned, and your entire playlist can be played through the yacht speaker system.

Project Loon WiFi

Nearly everyone needs internet for something these days. With most people moving from live TV to streams increased that demand to be always connected even more, so yacht technology also keeps up with the times, allowing for high-speed internet connection on board. The issue was that if you were cruising somewhere else than your “home” area, constant internet connection becomes a problem, so technology has matched the challenge, and Google presented recently “Project Loon”, which allows for reliable high bandwidth internet connection in remote places, including the ocean.

Bluetooth Localization

Superyacht owners are used to the kind of service where they don’t have to ask for anything as the crew already know what they want and when. So why should the technical system be any different? This is the main reason we have seen a rise in localization systems, which allow the yacht to be alerted via Bluetooth as soon as the owner walks into a particular room, in recent times.

You can have Bluetooth beacons installed around the yacht so that as soon as a person walks into a room with their telephone in their pocket, we know where they are, and if we know that the owner likes a certain kind of music, and we know that he likes the lights to be at a certain level, everything can go on automatically.

Systems Redundancy

Of course all of these bold innovations are liable to fail at some point, leaving the crew to pick up the pieces. It’s for this reason that Videoworks is predicting a rise in technical redundancy. It’s equipment designed to take over when other equipment fails.

So, when the primary server breaks down, everything continues working because it’s been doubled up. Exactly like a back-up generator. It’s very new as a concept and means cost savings so a technician doesn’t need to fly from the Caribbean to Ancona just to get a spare part to make all the systems work properly again, and the trip can get its course until the original broken part can be fixed and everything gets back to normal.

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